Holistic Blend CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

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Formulated with wild salmon oil, vitamins, probiotics and nano emulsified CBD, Hand and Paw’s premium Holistic Blend CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs gives your favorite furry companions all the benefits of our THC-free CBD oil along with a holistic blend for integrated wellness.



Holistic Blend CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs


Nano-Emulsified Anhydrous CBD Oil (Aerial Parts), Wild Salmon Oil, MCT Oil, Probiotics, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E.

What dog mom or dad doesn’t want the best for their four-legged best friend? At Hand and Paw, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes, which is why we created our CBD Tinctures for Dogs.

Hand and Paw’s CBD Tincture for Dogs is fast-acting and has wild salmon oil that dogs love. You can put it directly into your dog’s mouth, but finicky dogs will likely enjoy it more in their favorite food. Simply squirt the drops into your dog’s dish over some food and let them chow down on the hemp extract with their favorite flavor of kibble. As with all of our high-quality products, our phytocannabinoid-rich pet tinctures are THC free — meaning your dog can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD with no THC side effects and no high.

Our CBD tinctures for pets only include nano-emulsified, premium grade CBD. This means that, besides CBD, our extract contains other powerful terpenes and cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant. When your dog gets CBD from a Hand and Paw tincture, they have access to all the same benefits you have when you take your own H+P Natural Wellness CBD tincture for humans.


How many milligrams of hemp extract are in each drop of tincture?

150mg: 4 drops = 1mg

300mg: 2 drops = 1mg


We know how much you love your furry friend, which is why we want to make sure that we offer only the highest quality of CBD for your dog. Just like you trust us for your own CBD needs, you can trust Hand and Paw to take care of your dogs as well. We can’t wait to start helping to support your animal’s quality of life!

What’s the serving size?

This depends on your animal’s weight, needs and the strength of the tincture.  In general, we recommend 2.5-5mg of CBD Oil Tincture for Pets per 25 pounds of body weight.


Nano emulsified CBD Concentration per Bottle:

Each full 30mL bottle contains 150mg or 300mg of CBD.

Every bottle contains 30 – 1mL droppers of either 5mg in 150mg bottles or 10mg  in 300mg bottles of CBD (full dropper).

Each full dropper holds 1mL = approximately 20 drops.


Suggested Use (150mg):

Dosages vary between species, breed and weight.

Body Weight Recommended Serving (2x Daily)
<25 lbs < ½ dropper
26-50 lbs 1 full dropper
51-75 lbs 1 ½ full droppers
76-100 lbs 2 full droppers
>100 lbs 2+ full droppers
Suggested Use (300mg):

Dosages vary between species, breed and weight.

Body Weight Recommended Serving (2x Daily)
<25 lbs < ¼ dropper
26-50 lbs ½ dropper
51-75 lbs ¾ dropper
76-100 lbs 1 full dropper
>100 lbs 1+ full droppers
How many full droppers are in a bottle?

There are approximately 30 full droppers in each bottle.


What does “nano-emulsified CBD” mean for my dog?

Nano technology allows compounds like CBD to be safely broken down into smaller particles that provide a higher bioavailability and absorption rates up to 80-90% compared to only about 35% absorption with other products on the market.  This means they’ll get get faster onset action with less tincture or dosage that would be required when compared to other CBD products.

How should I store my pet’s tincture?

It should be stored at room temperature in a dry place.


How much CBD Oil Tincture for Pets is in a full dropper?

5mg for the 150mg bottle.

10mg for the 300mg bottle.


Is there any THC in the pet tinctures?

No, we even use third-party labs to ensure there are no detectable traces of THC in your pet’s tincture.


How often should I give Hand and Paw CBD Tincture to my dog?

Some people give our tinctures to their dogs in both the morning and evening while others just give them before bed to promote a good night’s rest. Still others give it to their dog about 30 minutes before thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides or leaving the house. Your purpose for giving our tinctures for dogs can drive the schedule you give them on, but remember, consistency will yield the best results!


Can I use the CBD for medium dogs or CBD for large dogs for a small dog?

Yes, you can use a bottle with a higher concentration of CBD as long as you adjust the suggested amount accordingly, which is shown on each label for your convenience.  Some pet parents start with the small bottle and then come back to purchase the larger bottles for both a cost savings per mg of CBD and a long lasting bottle of CBD oil tincture for their dogs. For example, if the 150mg CBD tincture lasts 1 month for your dog, the 300mg CBD tincture will last 2 months, as they will take half of the amount.

Is shipping free for Hand and Paw tinctures?

Yes, shipping is free on all Hand and Paw orders.

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150mg Nano: Small dogs under 50lbs, 300mg Nano: Medium and Large dogs over 50lbs

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